We are Neo Design Collective

We are Neo Design Collective: A future-oriented and multidisciplinary innovation and design lab specialized in strategic and immersive designs through digital and physical processes for tomorrow’s materials industry.

By sharing our knowledge and expertise, we arrive at new insights


  • Discovery workshop
  • Value Proposition Design
  • User Journey Mapping
  • Customer interviews


  • Brand & identity design
  • Art direction
  • 3D design
  • Spatial design
  • Sound design
  • Web design


  • Web development
  • 3D configurators
  • Internal product configurators

By uniting actors from material design, web development, 3D visualisation, spatial design, and sound design, we achieve a constructive synergy, share our knowledge and expertise, and arrive at new insights. Each subject is thus consistently approached from different angles, leading us both to delivering unique products and concepts and to a visionary way of thinking that critically questions, rethinks and redefines current production processes. To this end, we engage in concrete collaborations with industry partners and offer them strategies in the areas of materials, techniques, creative content, brand perception and product development. Our designs and ideas are immersive and invariably aim to harmonise the physical and the digital, optimising the experience in both real and virtual space. Founded in the bizarre year 2020, when we lived at least at arm’s length from each other, it became clear once again that the relationship between the physical and the digital deserves our absolute focus.

A team of experts - exploring the limits of physical and digital experiences.

Nina van Bart Nina van Bart

Nina van Bart

Founder, creative director and designer of settings and surfaces

As a designer, her attention for the sensory experience of space, shape and surface translates into stimulating physical and emotional interactions between people and their environment, focusing on colour, material, structure, pattern, and atmosphere.

Sophie Johanna Sophie Johanna

Sophie Johanna

Designer of virtual 3D context impressions

Sophie Johanna focused on the virtual 3D contexts and is a design specialised in visualisation, communication, and advice. She translates ideas from designers, architects, and individuals into concrete 2D and 3D images that can be read and understood by project executives and stakeholders.

Roel Deden Roel Deden

Roel Deden

Designer of virtual 3D products and systems

Roel Deden, flourishes in socially relevant projects and helps to solve contemporary problems in a fresh and imaginative way. He aims to connect the digital world to reality with digital and meaningful 3D creations.

Mitchel Van Dinther Mitchel Van Dinther

Mitchel Van Dinther

Music producer & sound designer

Mitchel Van Dinther might be better known by his stage name Jameszoo and is a producer of experimental electronic jazz. He describes his music as “naive computer jazz” to leave as much judgement to the listener as possible. Dinther released several EPs and LPs and is signed to Brainfeeder Records.

Willem van Doorn Willem van Doorn

Willem van Doorn

Spatial designer

Willem van Doorn is a spatial designer who uses his work to stimulate the interaction between people and their environment. To this end, he creates three-dimensional pieces that actively invite to be used, ranging from small-scale architecture to playful objects at festivals.

Upside Upside


Web design & development

Upside explores the boundaries of digital interaction. Their practice includes both user-friendly websites allowing brands to optimally share their story online, and tools that link our physical presence to the digital through mutual interaction.

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